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USB Charging System - Premum LED Lighter Sales for only clients. .

Premium LED Lighter is available for sales please let us know for purchase :)

Original - 170USD or 190000KRW X

Now available only for - 100USD or 120000KRW! :)

Premium LED Lighting function

Double-sided cigarette lighter

LED charging display light

Touch-sensitive ignition switch

Metal shell

PVD coating prevents rust

USD charging interface

USB 2.0 chargining port

Super light

Slient operating system

Safe, fire protection

Available for recharge - Laptop(PC), battery, concent, cigarjack for car

- USB port provided & all things will be included in the box.

Please inquire & ask BEFOREHAND when you book a model!!

Only 100usd or 120000KRW

Products are limited, could be sold out shortly -

Available only for clients! -

Best selection for souvenir & Gifts for friends, Family -

All products are genuine, packed with a full care in a classy box -


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