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Korean Boutique Magic Bar
(Highest Quality In Seoul)

You Now Can Enjoy an Exceptional Korean Strip Room Party With HighEndSeoul!

The Best Salon You Will Never be able to Find More Enjoyable and Messier Elsewhere :)

Join Us For Korea's Exotic Sleepless Drinking Culture
And The Best Strip Salon In the City!

 Korean Boutique Strip Bar Procedure 

( 2Hours Full Service )

1. Driver will be sent to your hotel or place and then drop you at our strip bar

2. when you get to the strip bar, you can choose a girl in the glass room
There are more than 60 girls waiting for you

3. After the selection, you move to a private room and then talk and introduce each other

4. Whiskey and unlimited side dishes will be served for you

5. In last half of the session, Girls will lead you into even more exciting special course

6. Move to our hotel(free) and then you can play whatever you want with you girl

7. Will safely drive you back to wherever you wish to go in Seoul *Back to Hotel

For more info and direct book for boutique salon, please contact through whatsapp or telegram

Seoul Provides the Pemium Boutique that is only one in Seoul! Exclusively for highclass serve

* please do not get mixed careful with other low quality Boutique      
Special Event price 900USD


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